top 15 plugin cs 1.6

Requirements/Limitations:, code: - AMX Mod.16: Tested.
Txt dosyalarnzn yedeini aldktan sonra bunu kurun.
Money is not supported in "say /report" (requires fun-module).
To deactivate all options set flags to kisah seribu satu malam ebook " " (one"d space).All statistics collection is done by the module "csstats_mm" and questions or issues should be directed to my little monster episode 6 the module author.I have uncommented xx xx but it dont work.Kinci olarak arkadalar, pluginin komutlarna göre çou server sahibi /statsme ve /rankstats komutlarn aktif yapmazlar, pek kullanlan komut biçimi de deildir zaten bizler tarafndan.In AMX Mod.16 statistics are by default only saved if the difference between kills and deaths are greater than.If you put football manager addictive games this command in the g the stats will be reset at every mapchange.Amx_statsx_mode flags "a" - delay (0.01s) HUD stats on HUD reset.Original rank" is changed to rankstats".
SnerYum nickli arkadan yardmyla çou arkadan istemi olduu rank görünümü elde ettik.Eer karsnda kapal yazyorsa, bunlar açn.Say /score Display players current weapon status, as a say team command.Replaces "x" by OLO.(Default -2 sec.) amx_statsx_freeze time in seconds When activating this plugin the Stats Settings Plugin, "statscfg should also be activated.Known bugs (reported, code: None.