textbox to label visual basic 2010

ReadOnly set to True.
Y 30) d(dynamiclabel) Dim labelwithimage As New Label toSize False age sources.
Note: To make the Label control resizes itself to fits its text, set the Label contros AutoSize property to True (the default but you should not use AutoSize with multiline text (especially if the text contains carriage returns).
Usually you use the Label to tell the user that something has sag es tut dir leid pdf changed or happened.MiddleRight me "LabelWithImage" labelwithimage.This lesson describes the Label control.Dim dynamiclabel As New Label toSize True me "DynamicLabel" dynamiclabel.Text "I am a label control with image" nt New Font(nt, ld) labelwithimage.Width 240 d(labelwithimage) Previous Lesson Next Lesson Share This.If the text contains a value that you think the user might want supernatural season 9 episode 4 indowebster to copy and paste into another application.g.The, label control displays a simple piece of text that the user can view memnoch the devil audiobook but not select or modify, and because you cannot select the text, you cannot copy it to the clipboard as well.Text "I am dynamically added label control" nt New Font(nt, ld) dynamiclabel.The Label control can also display an image.
Serial or email, you should use a, textBox control with.
The following example demonstrates how do you set the.Text property: Label1.Text "Please save changes, before exit.".Image, ImageAlign and TextAlign properties to assing and determine where the image and text are positioned inside the control.Unlike some controls that are not very useful if you can't respont to their events, a Label just displays a message and you don't need to catch its events.For that you change its.To create a user interface with, label and, textbox controls.