pretty man episode 1 eng sub

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But one adorable and poor girl with a huge crush on him just might change all of that.She meets with a man she calls Chairman, who speaks to her fondly and asks how Mattei has grown.She hurriedly apologizes for the mistake, but he heads toward the door anyway, and in a last-ditch effort she blurts that shell buy him an apartment just like this one.Hong Yoo Ra (Han Chae Young) agrees to help Ma Te become a successful entrepreneur.Inasmuch as its just a birth secret, I dont care much about him being entitled to wealth (in fact I hope its not that simple but her scheme seems revenge-driven and twisted in a fun way.She takes out a box of pills and starts to cry (Is she sick or thinking of suicide?) and someone comes knocking.Thats what Im sayin.He chases her down the street which she seems to enjoy, and he loses her at the next light.
Some people are born looking like winners.
Her friends warn her that Yu-ra might be falling back into old habits (stealing friends boyfriends but the girlfriend says rather unconvincingly that it wont matter because Yu-ra has no money after her divorce, and money is what Mattei cares about.To refine Ma Te's skills Yoo Ra throws up the challenge of seducing 10 different women, using their unique susceptibility.Oof, it was her funeral photo?Bo-tongie thinks shes being stealthy, but he catches her spying on him, and she sheepishly says she brought over some meat to try and convince him of the merits of being a carnivore.IU cheat harvest moon back to nature pc psx whose name literally means average, sits in her very average room in her very average house, making a new desktop wallpaper out of Matteis face.I dont like who Mattei is now, but from what weve seen in the first episode, he doesnt like himself very much either.Hes prepared with retorts and acts like it doesnt bother him, but he clearly hates every second.He had come to Cheongdam-dong, land of the rich and beautiful, and for the first time HE fell over himself at the sight of a beautiful woman.Just when you think hes maybe a gigolo by another name, we see that he has a boyish innocent side around Bo-tongie.Shes less complex as a character, but I like her quirksshes got a dirty mind that turns everything into an innuendo, and shes refreshingly forward.