pc hardware test utility

Speccy, like PC Wizard, will tell you all about your hardware and then some.
Here's a look at the five most popular tools for troubleshooting your computer problems.
Live CDs are great for giving you a platform to work off of independently of your troubled system and an Ubuntu Live CD has the benefit of an enormous community of Ubuntu users and all the accompanying how-to guides and information.
Have an idea for the next Hive Five?Best Computer Diagnostic Tool?SIW is incredibly detailed in its analysis, next to nothing is left uncatalogued from the timings of your memory modules to the DLL files loaded to what applications you have set to autorun at startup.You'll need to search Google to find locations like here and here where the disc is hosted.Were always open and sharing after all, we all in this together.Minor annoyances really, when you look at the value of the software package.Error messages will also be recorded in the system log in that you can access via the Event Viewer another cool piece of Windows software you might not have known about.Below, we've rounded up the top five answers, and now we're back to highlight the most popular computer diagnostic tools among Lifehacker readers.
Hiren's BootCD (Live CD, Free hiren's BootCD is an impressive toolkit rolled into one packed DOS-based Live.
Solid-state memory can only handle so many flashes before it begins to fail, and this also applies to solid-state hard drives.
Use an Ubuntu Live CD to Test Your PC's Memory.You can use an Ubuntu Live CD to test your computer's memory, recover data, or scan your computer for viruses among other tasks.Windows that most of us dont even know about 8 Hidden Tools In Windows 7 You Still Might Not Know About 8 Hidden Tools In Windows 7 You Still Might Not Know About.Yes that was last century.There wasnt a whole lot of freeware or even trials back in those days.Great software, just be a little bit careful on the installation or youre going to end up with the m toolbar installed and have your homepage changed.