payday 2 patch wont

Fixed an issue where the Bipod mod for LMG would not give accuracy bonus while deployed.
Fixed a bug so that Players can now use the "invite friends" feature in-game again.
General Edit Fixed the "Let Them Fly" achievement so every kill won't count twice Updated Scarface character model Fixed an issue where the "Cloak and Dagger" achievement would trigger on the pitchfork melee weapon Fixed an issue where the headless Zeal Dozers would appear.Fixed a bug so that players now are able to pass through the train door before it closes -Fixed an issue with the phone when multiple players would answer it at the same time Framing Frame Job, Day 3 -Fixed disappearing environment on the roof.Fixed an issue with a door that would not play a sound effect when being breached.Fixed so that the wall lamps no longer light up the surrounding area after they are destroyed.Besides that, we changed the "Reload" value of all weapons to the actual time it takes until the player can shoot again after an empty reload instead of the time for the full reload animation to finish.Players will no longer get a prompt for deployables when they are in bleedout.Added trucks on day 2 on Mayhem and One Down.
Updated textures on basic cops Changed texture on the walls during the escape part of the First World Bank Added portals to Heat Street to increase performance Fixed issue with Matt on the sofa on Tier 1 in the new Safe House1 Body Expertise.
Made a fix so that the Cleaner skill works properly with the cooks in the Rats Heist -Buffed the Bulletproof skill, now absorbs more damage -Rewritten skill descriptions, introducing numeric values in the spirit of Mekonlips' fo -Complete overhaul of skill descriptions to more accurately.
Added opponents on Mayhem and One Down.We are also looking into the idea of making crossbows single fire weapons so they won't take advantage by automatic skills.Fixed enemy spawns when the helicopter comes in on Mayhem and One Down.Exe and clicked on online/internet to update.Payday 2 from Update #100 and beyond.Sharing Is Caring - When you gain health from ammo packs your teammates will receive 50 of the effect (reduced from 100).The Desperado skill will no longer triggers when converted cops, team AI, and throwables does damage to an enemy.Diamond Store Fixed an issue where the player AI would open/close a door whenever entering that room.Undercover Blocked the player from being able to get stuck behind a few collisions.Fixed an issue where the Cocaine Rush and Loud Enough side jobs was not connected to Rust in the safehouse.