linux tool for windows xp

2: Trinity Rescue Kit, trinity Rescue Kit might leave you wondering, "Why isn't this tool being developed faster and on a larger scale?
But because of the plethora of tools available, it's sometimes tough to sift through the cruft and find the ones that are usable.
A note about installing Linux, the three Linux distributions were recommending for displaced Windows XP users are all based on Ubuntu, which is widely considered to be the worlds most popular version of Linux.
Zorin uses Google Chrome as its default web browser.Of course, plenty more tools are out there.If you dont like the feel of one, you can easily switch to another.9: Safecopy, safecopy is similar to ddrescue, allowing you to copy files from a disk suffering from I/O errors.Although TRK is rather slow to develop, what it offers is just short of amazing.Ubuntu is not designed to show you a Start menu-esuqe list of apps, though.Many modern Linux distributions exceed the user-friendliness of XP, and theyre free to download.Ubuntu is closer to the look and feel of Apples OS X, so Windows XP immigrants may feel a little lost.Just like Zorin, lxle gc erro falha no do patch offers a Windows XP mode that you can choose right from the login screen, though lxle also includes options to mirror OS X and an interesting netbook mode.Zorin OS, the Zorin OS desktop in XP mode.
Lxles simpler interface lacks the flashiness of Zorina trait that may appeal to some.All youve got to lose is an aging operating system that will soon be thrown to the wolves.Official system requirements : 1GHz or faster processor 5GB of hard drive space 512MB of RAM, graphics card capable of 640-by-480 resolution.Thats a very different approach than the Windows standard practice of clicking on All Programs and opening your software from there.Ubuntu has a very user-friendly design that can be learned in short order, however, and thats augmented by a large body of helpful support resources, including forums, blog posts, and live chat rooms.6: Ubuntu Rescue Remix, ubuntu Rescue Remix is quickly becoming one of my favorite data recovery tools.8: Ddrescue, ddrescue is a Linux tool designed to copy data from one file block device to another.