leonardo da vinci game

The description makes it seem like something out of this world!
Because of these items, and others, this is not a purchase for.
This is an HOG (hidden object game) heavy game.About the Developer, profile.Perhaps, to give the idea of the time period.Explore his diary and solve the mystery contained in its pages!A single flower in a vase of flowers in a picture about an inch high, or darkened items in a dark bookshelf.Enjoy intuitive touch control.Also the music is enough to put anyone to sleep.
The items are difficult to spot.
Do not waste your time.
This game might have been riveting for a seven-year-old but not for the average player.This game requires Adobe Flash to play, so please install or enable it if you wish to play.The graphics appear old-school, hand-drawn and painted.I just don't like.Your easy php framework for beginner master, Leonardo, has disappeared.