keith cunningham keys to the vault

Cunningham has been starting, acquiring and off grid power systems uk financing businesses for over twenty-five years.
In addition, he has started fifteen different companies including a 150,000,000 real estate company.
Cunningham is an entrepreneur, international speaker and published author of object oriented analysis design pdf two successful business books.M eet Keith.From Austin, Texas,.Keys to the Vault, understanding how the rich get d how you can too.Cunningham, founder, CFO Scoreboard, read More.Keith's background has included negotiating over two hundred deals in excess of 1 million each and negotiating and raising over 1 billion of financing for his various business ventures.He is a well-known and respected communicator and seminar leader who effectively combines the practical real world with the theoretical to produce usable negotiating and business strategies.Furthermore, Keith has shared the stage with several of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Advisors, including Dolf de Roos and Blair Singer.Cunningham, a negotiator and capitalist who has done over 1 Billion worth of deals!
He has been actively involved in the cable television industry as President and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Cable Company, founder and vice-president of Prime Cable Corporation and vice-president of Communications Properties, Inc.He has taught with Robert Kiyosaki at numerous educational events, as well as John Burley, Van Tharp, and Al Allen.Negotiations Made Easy - key things that you can do to easily and instantly transform your negotiations.He teaches life-changing business skills to thousands of top executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs across the world.Keith is a successful, charismatic and inspirational facilitator.Power Negotiations, the key to getting everything you want 10 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Raising Capital - what the investment community focuses on and what they think is important.Cunningham holds a BBA in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from The University of Texas.Cunningham is a keen financial strategist who has negotiated deals on Wall Street and throughout the media community of North America.Cunningham is regarded as one of the world s foremost.