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To stop the player from just going nuts and building everything at once, K C puts a cap on your progress by using your settlements population as an energy meter.
Spaceship Part #13 Location.In the underground tram station; the very same one which accessed during the Jewellery Heist.Right next to a large boat in Harmony in the Grand Senora Desert.K C wondering which part of your cute little town youre going to put a cute little bakery in next.You need to get on the railing area of the dike to get this part.Spaceship Part #43 Location.The only way you can get access to this area is with a parachute and that too; with pin-point accuracy.Its intended as a game about having fun building a cute little village, and thats exactly what it delivers.Under the porch of an empty house in Great Chaparral.Shouldnt be hard to find if you closely follow the map.There will be stunt jump spot right next.
Spaceship Part #24 Location.
You will have to take a parachute to the designated position shown in our map and look for it at the edge of the Mount Josiah.
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