creating charts and graphs in excel 2010

A bar graph illustrates comparisons among individual items.
So if I wanted to put in Jan 2011 as my Series name, click.
The Austin theme makes it look like that.Before I do that Im going to do one other thing, Im going to select the chart itself and then Im going to use one of game captain tsubasa gba english the sizing handles in the corner to make the chart a little bit bigger and as it gets bigger.So, be a little bit careful when fine chemicals through heterogeneous catalysis pdf you choose a Theme.And really all thats changed there is that we have a Chart Title in place and well see in a little while how we can actually add a Chart Title.They can also be used to plot data recorded from scientific experiments, such as how a chemical reacts to changing temperature or atmospheric pressure.And there we are, the June figures have gone.
I could, if I wanted to, actually type the range of cells I wanted to use in here.We have the button over here on the left in the Type Group on the Design tab where we can basically select from the whole range of available charts, but Im not going to do that at this stage.If I select that data, I can either do Insert chart or I can do the shortcut Alt-F1 to get a Default chart and there we are.Obviously it will be a bit nonsensical with month dates, but if in fact my Series values were different from this, then it might be appropriate to change the sequence.Now dont forget, and as we saw before, we could, of course, completely change the Chart Type if we wanted.