best witch doctor build 2.0

Versions, version.0: March 16th, 2014, Diablo 3 Patch.0.3 before RoS is released.
Good thing is they don't stop attacking as long as they aren't frozen, walled off, jailed, knocked serial dvd audio extractor 2012 back, err, well they attack.These are better at summoning FS fetishes.Allows one to use Haunt and other mana spenders to summon fetishes.With loot.0, you can't just jump on the Auction House and buy whatever legendaries you want, you have to farm for them, and it's expected you will find them eventually if you keep at it (and play with other WDs).I've left out the final passive, because you can find something good.Fetish Sycophants no longer have force armor.What do primaries and fetishes have in common?Version.0: Expected to be written post RoS release.Rain of Toads or Belt of Transcendence (BoT or FS belt) Haunt.Version.1: March 18th, 2014.Poison, and their melee mortal kombat kollection keygen attacks will be in that element, again poison.
Belt of Transcendence: Get rid of the fetish sycophant passive and rain of toads.
This build is very flexible and you can form it to fit the gear you find before you reach an "end game state".Problem: Everyone is using the same BBV rune!I suggest adapting to your gear and trying out new builds, even if it doesn't work out and you go back to your favorite play style, at least you learned what you didn't like.When using another attacks, you must reference the "Proc Rate" of the skill.I would like to especially thank the people who called them Fetish Psychos, because I never even thought to "mispronounce" their name.