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Click here for more info Key object attributes - Attributes pertaining to the screen object, such as key symbols, key action, and overload codes.
See also WMS nfs most wanted save game with all blacklist cars - Web Map Services WMS - Web Marketing Service WMS - Web Merchant Solutions WMS - Watershed Modeling System WMV - Windows Media Video - a Microsoft HD format.
Speech Application Programming Interface or sapi sapi - Service Access Point Identifier.
MMS messages can be sent either to another MMS-enabled mobile phone or to an e-mail address.VA - Validation Authority ( PKI ) VAJ - VisualAge for Java - a development IDE validation - validation physically ensures that the system operates according to plan by executing the system functions through a series of tests that can be observed and evaluated.Oltp - OnLine Transaction Procession (usually of a sequential nature).It was previously known as MQSeries.A body that designed and promotes the mpeg (MPG) moving graphics format, which combines high color depth with small file size for photographic moving images by using a lossy compression scheme.Inite element modeling of the rotational motion sensor that uses Coriolis effect RVM - Remote Volume Mirroring (IBM) RVP - Remote Voice Protocol.CMI conduits - software, abstract bi-directional communication links between peer components on each SP CMId - CMI using the Dual mode driver cmiiscd - CMI over scsi cmip - Common Management Information game lego indiana jones 1 full Protocol - OSI's network management protocol cmise - (OSI) Common Management Information Service.DQP - Data Queue Packets - wms DR - Disaster Recovery ; Data Recovery ; Dynamic Reconfiguration ; Data Recognition Disaster Recovery - Wikipedia DR - Data Rentention (permanent copy, for example, for government regulations) DR - Designated Router.Mono:Linux - Mono Mono brings.NET apps to Linux - IBM monolithic - the user, data and user interface (the program) all reside on the same computer moop - Maximum Out Of Pocket expenses MOP - Method of Procedure Click here for more information about MOP.Click here for more AoE Information AON - Application Orientated Networking (a Cisco development group) AOP - aspect-oriented programming (often a Java consideration) AP - Access Preamble; Application Processor; Access Point AP - Agile Patterns.Environmental Stress System ESS - Environmental Stress Screening Essbase - JD Edwards software essid - essid stands for Extended Service Set Identifier and identifies the wireless LAN.
DDX Array - Data Domain's High-Speed Inline Deduplication Storage DECnet - Digital Equipment Corporation protocols developed to communicate between DEC minicomputers.
The development process tends to run interactively through these phases rather than linearly.
Supplied to our FE's (whom are dynamic auto painter full version now called AE's).The Poisson distribution is determined by one parameter, lambda.With integrated unit- and scenario-based testing, Rational QualityArchitect lets you isolate problems earlier and ensure that all components will work together long before system integration.STR - Signal Transfer Point.DSP - Digital Signal Processor dspu - Downstream Physical Unit (IBM) DSR - Design, Size, Review Subprocess DSS - Data Security Standard.Ncrb - National Crime Record Bureau NCS - Cisco Network Control System Cisco Prime Network Control System (Prime NCS) NCS - (PacketCable) Network-based Call Signaling ncsa - National Center for Supercomputing Applications.Frames - are units of physical memory.